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  • ITSLIQUID Group (20 februari 2024): Dear Haggith van Hees, I'm Amaride Ferrante, Art Curator of ITSLIQUID Group. We have visited your website and we are very interested in showing your artworks during the next exhibition CONTEMPORARY VENICE - 14th edition which will be held in Venice from March 15 to March 29 2024, in one of the most well-known palaces from the 16th century, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, and other prestigious historical buildings. The deadline for applications is February 23, 2024 (11.59 PM your local time). The application proposal is completely free and there is a participation fee related to the number and dimensions of the artworks selected. Once we get the details of the artwork you'd like to participate in, we'll let you know your dedicated fee defined by the selected artwork. Please present any artwork which you think would be suitable for the exhibition. All artists, architects, and designers interested in taking part in our shows are also free to be sponsored and supported by institutions, organizations, private sponsors, and their delegates; the logos of the sponsors will be included in all the communication (digital and printed) of the events. To send us your application proposal please: - read the terms and conditions on the official website of CONTEMPORARY VENICE - 14th edition - send us the details of the artwork you would like to present (photos, dimensions, and technique) - send us all info and details about you (your curriculum, biography, your statement) If you are interested in organizing your solo exhibition in Venice, Rome, or London, we'll be glad to give you the necessary information about our locations and services. Looking forward to your response, we are available to provide you with more detailed information. Best regards, Amaride Ferrante Art curator
  • je achternicht :) (23 april 2023): Lieve Haggith, Complimenten voor je prachtige website... En -whow- wat werk je HARD!! Met de expo in het weefhuis lijkt erop dat je een vliegende start te hebben gemaakt..... en dat komt je ZO TOE! Veel succes de komende maanden en hopelijk tot ziens in Houten, in augustus! feyona
  • Lidy Reesink (28 november 2022): Hoi lieve Haggith, ik ben trots op je. Al je mooie werken en nu ook een eigen website.... You go girl!!!